Roundup: Credit Union Client Stories

May 10, 2021

Credit Unions love working with Chimney because of the focus on improving the member experience. The Chimney calculator designs look the best so members are able to easily find the answers they're looking for. On top of the design, their calculators are the only ones designed to help with both SEO and increasing applications on new websites so marketers are love that they're able to show results when they launch new websites.

Here are just a few examples of our work with Credit Unions around the country.

“Before Chimney, I would get emails from customer care and member services saying our calculators weren’t working. So I made it a top priority. I did a lot of research on different calculator companies, but ultimately chose Chimney because I really wanted to invest in something that would help us stand out as a brand in the credit union landscape”

Kassandra Martin, Brand and Digital Strategy Manager at Direct Federal Credit Union

Direct Federal Credit Union - Improving SEO and Increasing Online Applications

You can read more about their success story here. 30,000 members and about $800M AUM, Direct Federal was launching a new website and trying to provide members with a better digital experience. They chose to work with Chimney instead of the competition because they were focused on generating new applications on their website and needed a tool with great SEO capabilities.

  • This new Mortgage Calculator drove 118 applications and is helping DFCU outperform their mortgage goal by 71%.
  • This Auto Loan Calculator has been a key driver of paid search and they are seeing a 21% lift in online applications.
  • Launched this Credit Card Calculator and have been outpacing their application goal by 38%.

Quorum Federal Credit Union - Beautifully designed tools without complex coding and updates

70,000 members and $900M AUM, Quorum recently launched a beautiful new website and was working with another calculator provider - they switched to Chimney because they wanted more control over the experience. They didn't want to have to go to their web developers every-time they made a change and they needed to show their new website was actually increasing online account applications.

Mobiloil Credit Union - Generating leads for multiple business lines
With 60,000 members and $900M AUM, Mobiloil is a CU that has a lot of business lines to support. It can be a big challenge to support all the different business leaders with content that helps engage and convert new members. Mobiloil CU turned to Chimney because they wanted a solution that could easily generate leads for many different business lines with one simple solution.

  • Here is the list of calculators they provide for their members on their website from Auto and Home Lending to Savings.
  • With each calculator, Mobiloil is allowing members to qualify themselves and then sending members directly to "Apply for a Loan Online"

Credit Union of Colorado - Increasing Website Traffic and answering member's questions
Like many Credit Unions, Auto Lending is a big part of CUofC's business. With a large base of 130,000 members and $2B AUM, they needed a better way to help current and future members answer important questions about the car buying process. They focused on attracting more qualified members to their new website and offering calculators that are on-brand to move members closer to submitting an application.

  • The full list of calculators available for Auto, Home, and Personal Finance are an easy way for their members to get answer's at key life moments.
  • This Auto Lease VS Buy Calculator is an example of a calculator designed to help members get an easy answer to a complicated question.

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