Credit Union Roundup

November 1, 2023

10 Examples

How Credit Unions are using financial calculators on their website to deliver a better member experience and generate leads.

These are way more than just calculators. The data is clear, marketing campaigns and websites perform better when an interactive calculators is used.

Credit Unions are now providing practical tools to help their members with financial decisions. This list showcases 10 credit unions that offer useful calculators for various needs, from buying a car to planning for retirement. Let's take a look!

Tower Federal Credit Union

Assets: $4.49 Billion

Members: 224,775

Location: Laurel, MD

Tower Federal Credit Union has thoughtfully implemented calculators that simplify auto financing, mortgage affordability, and personal savings decisions. This strategic choice positions Tower as a credit union that prioritizes member convenience and clarity, leading to higher member satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

  • Resource Page: A consolidated hub featuring a variety of financial calculators tailored to meet various needs.
  • Share Certificate Calculator: A dedicated tool that aids in understanding potential returns on share certificates.

Selco Community Credit Union

Assets: $2.75 Billion

Members: 152,527

Location: Springfield, OR

Selco Credit Union is on the front lines of member support by offering calculators for mortgages, auto loans, and personal loans, giving members the tools they need to make financially sound decisions. This strategic approach not only increases member satisfaction but also solidifies Selco's reputation as a reliable financial partner, ultimately enhancing their member retention and growth.

  • Resource Page: A curated collection of calculators to assist members in various financial scenarios.
  • Floating widget: An innovative widget designed for first-time auto loan seekers, enhancing user experience.

Global Credit Union

Assets: $12 Billion

Members: 754,000

Location: Anchorage, AK

Global Credit Union recently underwent a transformation from its former identity as Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, rebranding to better reflect its expanding reach and services. Chimney started As part of this rebranding effort, they have introduced a powerful tool on their website: financial calculators. These user-friendly calculators empower visitors to make informed financial decisions, whether it's for loans, mortgages, or savings plans. By offering this valuable resource, Global Credit Union is not only enhancing its member experience but also boosting conversion rates, as individuals gain a deeper understanding of their financial options and are more likely to take action with confidence.

  • Resource Page: Accordion style view offering a diverse range of calculators for a multitude of financial needs.
  • Vehicle Affordability Calculator: Specifically designed to help users determine the affordability of a vehicle based on their financial circumstances.

Wellby Financial

Assets: $2.5 Billion

Members: 126,150

Location: Houston, TX

Wellby was born from JSC Federal Credit Union after undergoing a significant transformation and rebrand - aiming to revolutionize the new member experience by enhancing financial management. Wellby leverages cutting-edge calculators on their website to deliver on their goal of offering immersive, interactive, and intuitive member platforms, services, and products. These calculators empower members to explore a wide range of financial scenarios, from budgeting and savings to loan planning, with ease and confidence. By providing these tools, Wellby ensures that its members have the resources they need to make informed financial decisions and achieve their goals, ultimately fostering a more engaging and rewarding financial journey for all.

  • Helpful Resources - Let us help you take the guesswork out of planning your future.
  • Savings Goal: See how your monthly savings can put your goals in reach. Adjust the inputs to see how much your monthly savings contributions will grow with interest.
  • Debt Consolidation: Our debt consolidation calculator helps you determine if you should consolidate your debts into a single monthly payment. Consider including all of your debts such as credit cards, auto loans, medical debt, and personal loans.


Assets: $2.72 Billion

Members: 153,803

Location: Bellingham, WA

You can see all of the calculators here on a Resource Page.

Calculators: Whether you want to start saving for retirement, buy a car next week, or anything in between, we may have just the calculator for you.

Lake Michigan Credit Union

Assets: $12.7 Billion

Members: 476,923

Location: Caledonia, MI

Lake Michigan Credit Union has seamlessly integrated a variety of financial calculators on their website, empowering members to estimate loan payments, assess savings growth, and determine mortgage affordability. This strategic decision has not only enhanced member trust but has also resulted in increased member engagement and an uptick in financial product adoption, ultimately driving the credit union's growth and success.

  • Loan Calculators: A dedicated section designed to assist in planning and understanding various loan scenarios.

Florida Credit Union

Assets: 2.04 Billion

Members: 146,091

Location: Gainsville, FL

With over $2B in assets and 146k members, Florida Credit Union partnered with Chimney to implement personalized calculators. These digital tools simplify complex money decisions and provide tailored insights. Chimney's calculators position the credit union as a digital-first partner that understands each member's financial needs.

Financial Calculator Homepage: An expansive collection of financial calculators tailored to diverse money goals and situations.

Mission Federal Credit Union

Assets: $6.11 Billion

Members: 295,954

Location: San Diego, CA

Mission Federal Credit Union's use of financial calculators to help members compare and select the best savings and loan products demonstrates their commitment to member empowerment. This strategic choice not only simplifies financial decisions but also positions Mission Federal Credit Union as a valuable financial resource and an institution that members can rely on for sound financial advice.

Calculator Homepage: A comprehensive suite of calculators geared towards various financial objectives and scenarios.

Everwise Credit Union

Assets: $5 Billion

Members: 306, 305

Location: South Bend, IN

Everwise shines by offering a diverse set of calculators, from college savings estimators to investment growth planners and personal finance tools. Through these tools, Everwise cements its position as an educational leader, guiding members toward informed decisions that align with their financial aspirations, and ultimately helping members achieve their goals.

The equation is simple: Good data = good decisions. This is a great place to start. Analyzing all the data behind your choices puts you control of your finances.

  • Mortgage Loan Calculator: Designed to provide clarity around potential mortgage payments and the associated costs.
  • Auto Loan Calculator: A tool aimed at helping members gauge the affordability of vehicle financing options.


Assets: $4.35 Billion

Members: 423,709

Location: El Paso, TX

GECU has astutely recognized that by providing calculators for comparing retirement plans, managing credit card debt, and planning for significant life events, they empower their members to navigate life's financial milestones. This approach fosters deeper member engagement, showcasing GECU as a trusted partner for all of their financial needs.

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