Google Webmaster says "Avoid iFrames"

September 22, 2021

Have you ever tried to run with a parachute on? No matter how fast you go, you're limited by something holding you back.

iFrames on your website are causing you a similar problem. No matter how innovative...modern...beautiful your website is....if you have iframes on your website, you are being held back.

We've been vocal about how iFrames are dramatically holding back the performance of modern websites.

By definition, iFrames were a late addition to your website. The parts didn’t come from the factory, they’re mismatched, and create more risk. In addition to the negative impact on your site’s overall appearance and the user experience, they also have a deadly impact on your traffic goals.

While we're passionate about this but we're not the only ones...

Even Google's Webmaster says to avoid iFrames.

“We recommend that you avoid the use of iFrames to display content.”

Google Webmaster

And there you have it.

Curious about how easy it is to swap out your iFrames for modern calculators built on javascript?

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