How to optimize your financial calculators for SEO

March 25, 2021

How to optimize your calculators for SEO

Over 2 million people are searching for financial calculators every unlike most calculator companies, we use SEO-friendly JavaScript that’s easy to embed anywhere — no new pages or subdomains required. Our calculators will fit seamlessly on your website, wherever you want them to show up. 

Here's a step by step guide to get your calculators optimized

Step 1: Optimize your headlines and subheadlines to target high volume keywords
Your headline and subtitle are an effective way to optimize your calculators and target high volume search terms that your customers are searching for. Tap into free research tools like Adwords Keyword Planner or to prioritize the right keywords. 

Alternatively you can choose to hide your title and subtitle by leaving them blank, if you prefer to use your CMS. 

Step 2: Customize your labels, rates, and tooltips for each calculator.

With our calculators you can customize more than just the body copy, you’re able to tailor everything from labels to tooltips. This is a great way to stand out from the crowd, and make sure your calculators are truly unique from what else is out there. 

Step 3: Publish a single calculator to a single URL
Even if you publish calculators in multiple places on your website, it’s critical that you have at least one page that is optimized for that specific calculator. For example, you would have a page on the URL that specifically contains your auto loan calculator along with optimized content. 

Step 4: Pair your calculator with optimized on-page copy
 In addition to optimizing the calculator, it’s important to ensure the rest of the page is SEO optimized. By placing your calculator on a page with compelling and optimized content, you’re chances at ranking and increasing traffic will improve significantly. 

Step 5: Ensure proper internal linking
After you’ve published your calculators on your site, whether on a resource page, product page or blog article, it’s critical that your users (and Google) can find it. The more internal links you have pointing to a calculator the greater the chances are of it ranking. Some common places to link to your calculator are the main navigation, your footer, product pages, from the homepage. 

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