Highlighting a Few Chimney Clients

April 9, 2020

At Chimney, we love our clients. We've been fortunate to work with some amazingly talented people and we wanted to pull together an informal roundup of some of our customer programs so everyone can see the work we're doing.

We're highlighting 9 customers from Banks to Credit Unions.

“The calculators are instrumental in building out our vision for being an educational resource to those who are looking to better understand the world of banking. Everyone at First Foundation was very excited about the features and functionality that the calculators brought.”

Tyler J. Resh, Director of Marketing and Strategy

First Republic Bank - Providing interactive, personalized answers at life's biggest moments.

First Republic needed a better digital experience for potential home borrowers, specifically targeting Mortgage Savings.

The digital marketing team at First Republic went from no calculators to a beautiful branded calculator experience in weeks. They worked with Signal Intent to build and launch a calculator to create more leads for their Mortgage Refi business.

Check out the First Republic Mortgage Savings Calculator

First Foundation Bank - Increasing Applications from CTAs on product pages

“We wanted to bring that capability into our domain on our website to facilitate the journey of the benefits of savings, and have more visibility into the engagement itself.” - Tyler J. Resh, Director of Marketing and Strategy

Tyler J. Resh, Director of Marketing and Strategy

Before Chimney, potential customers who were looking for answers were having their needs met somewhere else. So even if visitors landed on First Foundation via Google search, their journey of getting to know the bank and its products and services was fragmented.

The goal was simple: How can First Foundation serve as a valued resource when people are looking to have their questions answered? 

“I can’t emphasize enough how challenging our tech infrastructure is for third parties to plug and play in our environment. That was made really seamless and Chimney worked through the challenges to the point that they had coders on the line troubleshooting on our behalf.”

Tyler J. Resh, Director of Marketing and Strategy

Dime Bank - Beautiful on-brand website tools that are easy to manage

“The first thing that stood out to us when we were exploring new calculators is how modern the design of each calculator was. I researched a lot of calculators on competitor websites, and these were the first to really impress us.” 

Joe Raitano, Vice President, Digital Marketing Officer

As a modern bank building a first class digital experience, Dime’s team wanted to make sure that site visitors and potential banking customers are getting a modern digital experience that accurately reflects the bank’s long tradition of customer service excellence. We launched calculators across every category on their main website after a merger. 

  • The full list of calculators available for Auto, Home, and Personal Finance are an easy way for their customers to get answer's at key life moments.

“What stood out about Chimney was the responsiveness. We had pretty stern deadlines we had to meet because we were re-doing the entire website, and they were able to meet those goals and deadlines. All went very smoothly.”

Lee Guilder, Digital Marketing Manager 

Nationwide Learning Center - Interactive, personalized website tools that scale

Nationwide was struggling to create dynamic, personalized content for their Learning Center. They turned to calculators not only to improve the customer experience, but also to generate leads. 
Nationwide found that the other calculator companies are using iFrames (which means they deliver no SEO value). They also found that other calculators required a difficult "rebranding" during implementation and so the marketers aren't able to manage, update, or edit the calculators without getting someone from their web team involved to update the coding. 

They were looking for a partner who would make things simple and deliver results. We launched these three calculators with the goal of increasing the number of quotes. You'll notice their custom CTA "Start your Quote".

NewRez - Home Lending Calculators for Qualified Buyers
Mortgage Lender NewRez has our calculators featured on the top nav from Mortgage to Refi. They use these calculators to move qualified home buyers down the funnel.

Direct Federal Credit Union Improving SEO and Increasing Online Applications

You can read more about their success story here. 30,000 members and about $800M AUM, Direct Federal was launching a new website and trying to provide members with a better digital experience. They chose to work with Chimney instead of the competition because they were focused on generating new applications on their website and needed a tool with great SEO capabilities.

  • This new Mortgage Calculator drove 118 applications and is helping DFCU outperform their mortgage goal by 71%.
  • This Auto Loan Calculator has been a key driver of paid search and they are seeing a 21% lift in online applications.
  • Launched this Credit Card Calculator and have been outpacing their application goal by 38%.

Quorum Federal Credit Union - Beautifully designed tools without complex coding and updates

70,000 members and $900M AUM, Quorum recently launched a beautiful new website and was working with another calculator provider - they switched to Chimney because they wanted more control over the experience. They didn't want to have to go to their web developers every-time they made a change and they needed to show their new website was actually increasing online account applications.

Mobiloil Credit Union - Generating leads for multiple business lines
With 60,000 members and $900M AUM, Mobiloil is a CU that has a lot of business lines to support. It can be a big challenge to support all the different business leaders with content that helps engage and convert new members. Mobiloil CU turned to Chimney because they wanted a solution that could easily generate leads for many different business lines with one simple solution.

  • Here is the list of calculators they provide for their members on their website from Auto and Home Lending to Savings.
  • With each calculator, Mobiloil is allowing members to qualify themselves and then sending members directly to "Apply for a Loan Online"

Credit Union of Colorado - Increasing Website Traffic and answering member's questions
Like many Credit Unions, Auto Lending is a big part of CUofC's business. With a large base of 130,000 members and $2B AUM, they needed a better way to help current and future members answer important questions about the car buying process. They focused on attracting more qualified members to their new website and offering calculators that are on-brand to move members closer to submitting an application.

  • The full list of calculators available for Auto, Home, and Personal Finance are an easy way for their members to get answer's at key life moments.
  • This Auto Lease VS Buy Calculator is an example of a calculator designed to help members get an easy answer to a complicated question.

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