Roundup: Home Lending Calculator Examples

September 30, 2021

With so many online mortgage lenders these days, consumers are looking for not only the best rates, but also a pain-free and transparent experience with a lender they can trust. To build relationships, lending teams have to educate potential homebuyers and provide them with tools to help them with their decision making. In fact, according to research by McKinsey, first-time home buyers rank customer experience higher than pricing as a primary purchase criterion.

So what do mortgage lenders have to do to be successful?

Qualified Borrowers.

Lenders need qualified applicants who have a solid chance of actually getting approved for a home loan. In a very competitive market, loan officers who have a steady flow of strong leads are going to be able to open new applications and close more loans. 

Chimney calculators are expertly designed to help attract, engage, and convert prospective homebuyers into the home lending funnel. Even better, the calculators are customized to match each lender’s branding, so not only do they help boost SEO and increase inquiries and applications, but they look awesome.

Here are just a few examples of our work with mortgage teams.

NewRez: New Tools for a New Brand + Website

About the company: NewRez is reimagining the home buying journey with a unique combination of mortgage expertise and product innovation. Consumer-friendly technology is at the heart of their business model, which is why they chose to work with Chimney. NewRez wanted calculators that could help them attract, engage and convert more customers for their newly launched website.

Since the launch, NewRez has engaged over 40,000 potential home buyers via Chimney's financial calculators.

Featured Calculators: Mortgage Calculator, Should I Refinance, Loan Amount, Loan Term, Rent VS Buy

Things to notice: NewRez calculators have a clean, modern look that are a seamless fit with the overall site design. Recognizing the value that calculators bring their customers, NewRez features a link to the calculator page right in their top navigation for easy access. The calculator pages themselves have customized copy and clear next steps for the consumers including CTAs to begin an application or request more information. 

Check it out on their website

Home & Money: Comprehensive Content + Calculators for Home Buyers and Sellers 

About the company: Home and Money is a real estate resource website offering content and a realtor search tool. Calculators are one of the three main options from the top navigation, making Chimney's products an integral part of the site.

Featured Calculators: Home affordability, Should I Refinance, Rent VS Buy, Mortgage Calculator

Things to notice: Each of the four calculator pages are designed to fit the color scheme of the Home & Money site, and a large CTA to find an agent runs along the right side. Below the calculators are blocks of content that provide related information for readers. The ability to customize these pages gives Home & Money the opportunity to boost their SEO rankings while providing an interactive experience for site visitors.

Check out the live examples on

Better Lending: Bringing the Calculator Front and Center

About the company: Better Lending is a full-service mortgage lender that works with borrowers nationwide via its online platform. It has main locations in Chicago and Phoenix.

Things to notice: Better Lending features Chimney's Mortgage Calculator prominently – both in the top navigation and the home page. It’s used by Better Lending as a springboard for homebuyers to crunch their numbers and then go directly into an application process.

Featured Calculator: Mortgage

See the live calculators now on their website

Direct Federal Credit Union - From Calculations to Applications

About the company: Direct Federal is located in Needham, Massachusetts and has been serving members since 1953. Today, it serves over 30,000 members and its offerings include home lending products. As part of its shift to digital solutions and upgrading their website, Direct Federal Credit Union partnered with Chimney to include its Mortgage Calculator. Soon after it launched, Direct Federal saw a 75% increase in mortgage applications.

Things to notice: Collaborating with Chimney, Direct Federal decided to feature the calculator on a product page, rather than letting it get buried in a resource center. The placement flows seamlessly and branding is clear. Most important, using the calculator sends people straight into an application workflow, giving users the option to apply or contact a mortgage team member.

Featured Calculator:  Mortgage Calculator

Check out the live calculator on their website

You can customize a Home Lending Calculator for free in minutes to see exactly what it will look like on your site to help borrowers through the process.

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