Founder’s Note: Why I quit my job to build calculators…

May 24, 2021

Just a couple years ago, video chat was the worst. The video conference software was tough to use...clunky...outdated...frustrating...and overall just a bad experience for everyone. 

But here’s the thing…

Despite how bad the experience was, video conferencing was still wildly popular because it is the best way to communicate online. 

Then everything changed….

Video chat existed before Zoom the same way financial guidance exists today. 

Despite how bad most financial guidance is on the internet...the digital tools that exist are still the best way to get answers to complicated questions about money.

If you’ve made any major financial decision over the last decade you've experienced this first hand.

Financial tools on the internet today are simply not good enough.

The tools that live on bank websites are tough to use...clunky...outdated...frustrating…and overall just a bad experience for everyone. 

Sometimes the process is too complicated and takes forever to fill out. Other times the technology is old and hard to use because it was designed in the 1990’s and you want something that works like Amazon or Netflix.  

As the recent fintech explosion has revolutionized the industry, one core piece of technology has been left in the dust - financial guidance. Chimney is tackling that problem head on.

We're building products that are beautifully designed, easy to use, and simple to understand. We believe that financial guidance should be available to everyone when they need it...where they need they need it.

The opportunity

So after many late nights and some very real conversations with my wife, at the end of 2020 I quit my long-time VP job to join a small startup with some very smart friends, a startup building the next generation of financial guidance, the next generation of personalized experiences. 

In just a few very short months, the momentum is building. We’ve been featured on industry podcasts, we’ve won big time fintech awards, and we’ve even already created a lot of memories with amazing clients.

We’ve signed up dozens of clients from Fortune 500 companies to Community Banks and Credit Unions. We’re helping our clients uncover new audiences and win more customers while simultaneously providing the answers that people need during life’s most important moments. 

Our vision is to not just build the best financial guidance on the internet - but to pioneer a new way of thinking - and provide our clients with the tools and access to data that will help them address their challenges head on. 

Our tools will soon be on thousands of websites guiding people through the most important decisions of their lives.

This year, we’re ahead of schedule. Our tools are on pace to reach over a million people this year, and capture tens of millions unique customer data points in the process.

I joined Chimney because I believe that personalized, interactive experiences are the future. Data is the new oil.

I joined Chimney because people need answers.

I don't know where we're going from here but I can promise it won't be boring.

The days are long but the years are short.

Let's build something amazing together.


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