Dime Community Bank Delivers a Modern Website Experience

March 6, 2022

Dime Community Bank has been around since 1864. Originally founded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the bank has recently experienced a lot of change over the last few months, mostly driven by its merger with BNB Bank in Long Island, New York.  In addition to managing $12 billion in assets and, now, a much larger footprint with more branches, the new Dime is focusing on evolving its digital presence. As part of their online revamp, the team sought out a modern calculator partner that could complement its efforts to drive digital customer engagement. 

It’s all about customer service at Dime. Being there with answers to questions they are currently searching for. Getting more customers engaged and interested while building trust is key.

- Lee Guilder | Dime Community Bank ​

Modern Solutions for a Modern Bank

Our old calculators seemed very outdated, years behind the times. You can tell they didn’t flow within the branding of our site. Lee Guilder | Dime Community Bank ​As a modern bank building a first class digital experience, Dime’s team wanted to make sure that site visitors and potential banking customers are getting a modern digital experience that accurately reflects the bank’s long tradition of customer service excellence.  Part of the merger and complete website overhaul meant pushing the boundaries of innovation. This meant that Dime wanted to upgrade their website tools to offer an interactive, personalized experience that matched Dime’s vision and brand guidelines.   Most important, Dime wanted to find a calculator solution that offered a clean look and feel to enhance its on-site customer experience. 

Our developers told us how easily these calculators were to work with and implement when we redesigned our website this year.Joe Raitano | Dime Community Bank

Since making the switch to Chimney calculators, Dime Community Bank has been able to

  • Launch beautiful branded calculators on their new website 
  • Easily integrate onto their site using our Calculator Management Platform
  • Support multiple business owners from Home Lending to Business Banking
  • Increase applications submitted across each product and measure the results

We work with a lot of vendors that offer customer support and email responsiveness, but then after the initial setup, we never hear from them again. With Chimney, it’s a true partnership – a back and forth relationship.Lee Guilder | Dime Community Bank ​

From two to 12 Calculators in 30 Days

What stood out about Chimney was the responsiveness. We had pretty stern deadlines we had to meet because we were re-doing the entire website, and they were able to meet those goals and deadlines. All went very smoothly.Joe Raitano | Dime Community Bank ​

Dime took a test and learn approach by starting with just two calculators. The team wanted to make sure Chimney could capture the brand look and feel, and function well on the site. 

After they were developed and implemented into Dime’s website staging area, the team was convinced. They decided to go ahead and add more calculators but were concerned that the turnaround time might be too tight as they needed to be ready to launch along with the rest of the site redesign.

Working quickly, Chimney collaborated with Dime to develop and deliver a dozen calculators in just two weeks. Throughout the process, the Chimney support team was accessible and available to answer any questions to ensure that the deadline could be met.

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